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Hi ! I am Vinita

Specializing in UX research and Interaction Design. I am interested in strategically using research, data and technology to design value for users and for the business.

About me

About me

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I believe that great ideas can come from anyone and with collaboration and communication we can create value through design.

Currently, I am working as a UX designer at Wonderlic. I am also helping an education-focused NGO build their web portal.

Usually, you can find me hiking or enjoying restaurant food but during COVID you can find me cooking my heart out and virtually playing DnD.

Like every superhero, I have an origin story as well!

After an undergrad in CS, I worked as a UX Engineer for an eCommerce company, Infibeam, where I collaborated with the product manager and other designers to co-design and develop functional prototypes and proof of concept mobile apps using Javascript, Swift, and Xcode. Passionate to solve user problems through design, I pursued my master’s in HCI from the University of Maryland. During my master’s, I worked with Montgomery County Park Services on the Park Pal project. To increase awareness about user profiling and content targetting, I created a personality quiz at the innovtationWorksLab for CNN health.

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